What are some good hair/Bling color combinations?

While everyone has their own favorite color, here are some suggestions.  Keep in mind that it is fun to use more than one color in a style for a low-light and high-light (like Sizzling Chocolate and Sizzling Copper in red-brown hair).
  • DARK HAIR: Sizzling Black (in black hair with blue undertones it is gorgeous!), Sizzling Chocolate and any of the brights.  Sizzling Silver or Sizzling Champagne give a dramatic contrast, too.
  • RED HAIR: Sizzling Copper, Sizzling Champagne, Sizzling Rainbow, Sizzling Red, Sizzling Fuchsia, and Sizzling Purple.
  • BLONDE HAIR: Sizzling Silver, Sizzling Champagne, Sizzling Lavender, Sizzling Pink, and any of the brights, especially Sizzling Turquoise.
  • MEDIUM BROWN HAIR: Sizzling Copper, Sizzling Chocolate, Sizzling Rainbow, and any of our bright colors.  Sizzling Silver or Sizzling Champagne also give a beautiful highlight.
  • GRAY OR SILVER HAIR: Sizzling Silver, Sizzling Lavender, Sizzling Pink, or any of the brights.
    We have also learned that many people like to have a color that is similar to their own hair color for everyday wear. So, if you are a first time 'Blinger', try a package in a color that is closest to your natural color and then a favorite bright.  You'll see what we mean and you'll get hooked, too!
If you have any further questions, please email us at blingstrands@gmail.com 


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