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New Feathers!

Bling Strands - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

After weeks of sold out feathers we are excited to announce that we have beautiful new feathers to share with you! These are some of the most gorgeous feathers we have seen in months and they were worth the wait. Our offerings include gorgeous long delicate feathers with fun new tie-dye colors, fancy exotics like peacocks, guineas (cute polka dots), pheasants, and fun braiders and bang feathers.


These feathers range anywhere from 3-15 inches in length. Take a minute to check out the 3 new packages on our site. Regular feather packages contain 7 feathers; 3 long delicates and 4 braider/bang feathers. Premium longs have 6 narrow delicates. Our fun Bangs, Braiders and Shorts contain 9 feathers perfect for the darling new braiders. Don’t wait to get your hands on some of these great styles and expand the offerings in your salon today. Your clients will love the creative things you can do and give them the chance to show off their personalities!


Blingstrands Team

Welcome to Blingstrands Blog!

Bling Strands - Monday, August 22, 2011
Hello everyone, as you have noticed we are in the process of switching over websites. Thanks for your patience in this first week or so of this transition. This is a critical move for us since we are gaining new customers everyday and we want to make sure your experience is seamless. Please take the time to fill out a wholesale application if you are a wholesaler or register with our newsletter if you are new to the site. This will insure that you are in our new system and it will help us keep track of orders, vouchers, discounts and giveaways we offer to our customers. Once you have filled out a form and we have verified you in our system you should receive an email with your USERNAME and PASSWORD. If you dont receive the email then feel free to contact us @ or

We hope you enjoy and feel free to let us know what you think!