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1Can Bling Strands™ be "temporarily" tied in?Solutions
2Can I brush, blow dry, flat iron and curl my hair with Bling Strands™ in?No Category
3Can I color my hair with Bling Strands™ tied in?No Category
4Can I tie them in myself?Company
5Can I use Bling Strands™ in ethnic hair that is very curly?No Category
6Can I wash my hair?No Category
7Do Bling Strands™ have to be placed right at the scalp?Company
8How do I remove Bling Strands™?No Category
9How Fast Is Shipping?Company
10How long will Bling Strands™ last?Products
11How many strands do you use?Company
12Is there a pattern to follow when tying Bling Strands™ in?Customers
13My Strand doesn't seem securely tied in. What am I doing wrong?No Category
14What are Bling Strands™ made of?No Category
15What are some good hair/Bling color combinations?No Category