About Hair Feathers

Hair Feather Types

How well do you know your feather types? The quality of feathers that we offer here in the US surpasses anything that can be found on the market. There are so many to choose from and buyer beware—the market is full of options! Many companies offer “hair feathers” only to surprise you when you read the fine print. Watch out for things like:

  • Short feathers:

    No need to buy these unless you really want them for things like short hair or bangs. Sometimes these can be stiffer and only good for styles that do not require a lot of handling.

  • Silk feathers:

    Again, the market has plenty of real, beautiful, reasonably priced feathers out there in a rainbow of colors. Synthetic feathers: These are usually synthetic hair extensions that have been printed with stripes to mimic feathers. You can’t expose them to heat and they aren’t nearly as pretty.

  • Goose feathers:

    These are stiff and look like grass and are super cheap ($). They are meant for use in accessories, but sometimes people get duped into buying these for hair extensions. Only buy these if you are making jewelry or extensions.

  • Exotic Feathers:

    Peacocks are beautiful and their feathers are great for accessories and clip-ins for hair. They aren’t meant to be exposed to shampoos because they lose their beautiful sheen. Make sure you use them in hair the right way and you will enjoy them to their fullest. Pheasant and Guinea feathers are fun for braiders and jewelry.

Remember to always read the fine print when you purchase your feathers and you will get what you pay for and enjoy them to their fullest! This trend is still going strong for the summer season and you want to make the most of it!!