Each spool contains 5 meters (5.5 yards) 

Bling Ribbon Spools are designed for your convenience. Use your own creativity to combine colors and quantities as you desire, and eliminate wasting unusable lengths. 


Ribbon extensions are installed just like hair extensions that use a micro-bead, but for those not familiar please use the following directions or watch our feather installation video at 

  1. Choose your ribbon color(s). 
  2. Trim the ribbon(s) to lengths desired and seal tips using clear nail polish. 
  3. Section the hair in the desired spot that your client would like the ribbon extension placed. This should be just off of the part and under a layer of hair or maybe behind their ear. There are other strategic places for highlights, but these are the two most popular spots. 
  4. Insert your micro-bead onto your extension tool. Choose a bead that best matches the root color of the client’s hair. 
  5. Gently take a section of hair approximately 1/8” square and pull it evenly through the micro-bead. Holding the micro-bead evenly with the hair, slip the ribbon extensions into the bead (you may need to use your extension tool for this) and crimp your bead. Take care to hold the bead evenly with the scalp—do not pull it up or out from the scalp as this will result in a “wing” and you will need to start over. If any ends need to be trimmed, do so at the top of the ribbons to prevent fraying. 


Reverse the crimp of the micro bead and gently slide the bead down the hair. Discard the micro-bead, and should you choose to re-use the extension just use a fresh micro-bead. 


Bling Ribbon Extensions can be washed, blow-dried and flat-ironed up to 400°, however they cannot hold a curl from a curling iron. If hair is styled into ringlets with style setting spray the ibbon will follow and stay in the curl until it is brushed out. Always use care with styling implements.