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Tinting Your Hair For Summer

Anytime you want to add just a little more excitement to your look, head on over to Bling Strands!  We have everything you need to go from ordinary to extraordinary in seconds!  From a pop of color to sparkles form head to toe we have what it takes.  Our favorite way to catch the light anywhere is with a few strands of Bling tied into your hair style.  

Bling Strands come in sixteen colors and you can wear one or all sixteen to take your style off the charts and turn heads anywhere.  The effects can be dazzling indoors, but even more eye-catching when you are outside catching those rays.  

Take a minute and using a few simple knots you can add a few Bling Strands to your hair style and sparkle like the star you are!  There is never a right or wrong time to stand out and you can even check our site for more fun accessories to take your style up a few more notches.